Monday, August 5, 2013

FOX announces NFL broadcast teams; SNY's Kevin Burkhardt joins the group

FOX released its announce teams for the 2013 NFL season earlier today and while the pairings were mostly the same as last season, there were a few notable changes.

SNY's Kevin Burkhardt, known mostly for his work as an on-field reporter for Mets broadcasts, will join the network as its #4 team play-by-play broadcaster. Burkhardt, one of the best sideline/on-field reporters in the business, will be joined by John Lynch in the broadcast booth and Erin Andrews on the sideline. Burkhardt also has NFL experience as the radio voice of the Dallas Cowboys since 2011.

Dick Stockton will be joined by new FOX addition Ronde Barber to form the #6 team. Mike Martz and Ron Pitts won't be returning while Rob Riggle will remain as the comedy man during the Sunday pregame show.

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