Sunday, June 2, 2013

Florida knocks out Nebraska in wild 15-inning WCWS game

Florida defeated Nebraska in a 15 inning marathon Saturday night in the Women's College World Series, knocking out the Cornhuskers in a game that lasted 5 hours and 20 minutes.

Florida took a 6-3 lead into the 7th (and, usually, final) inning but a series of strange plays helped Nebraska score three runs and tie it. Florida took the lead in the 10th but Nebraska again tied it with a solo homer to extend the contest.

The game ended in the 15th inning, well after 11pm local time. Michigan and Arizona State watched the final eight innings from beyond the outfield fence, as they were slated to play after the conclusion of Florida-Nebraska. The Wolverines knocked off the Sun Devils, 2-0.

LeBron James: "I don't complain about calls too much"

Following Saturday's game 6 loss to the Pacers, when discussing his technical foul for running the complete length of the court after being called for a rare foul, LeBron James said this to the media:
“I had to run down the court to stop from being kicked out,” James said. “I thought it was a pretty bad call. I don’t complain about calls too much. I thought me and Hibbert met at the mountaintop. I didn’t throw an elbow. Basically I went straight up. And I knew he was going to go high hands, like he had been doing. So I went to a double‑clutch to try to let him go down. Then I was able to go over the top. I don’t have no idea why that was called an offensive foul.

“So, you know, it just stopped me from being ejected. I think at that moment I just got away from the ref that called it. I ran down the court to get me away from the scene of the crime, I guess.”
LeBron James - who, in his mind, has never missed a shot in the lane without being fouled - thinks he doesn't complain too much. Although I guess technically he doesn't complain about the actual calls as much as he complains about non-calls.

Really, though, c'mon 'Bron. Watch a Heat game and tell me LeBron isn't spending 70% of the time between plays barking at refs, making the face you see in the included picture, and generally looking like a whiny child.