Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tiger Woods 14 adds new features, improvements to already great series

It's always a challenge for yearly sports titles to create new interest and sell a new game that's basically the same thing as last year with some slight tweaks. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14's newest feature allows you to "step into the past" and replay some of golf's greatest moments, complete with equipment from that specific era. The presentation reflects those periods too. It's definitely a welcomed addition for those looking for something other than career and tournament modes.

Other new features include the ability to play all four majors, online advancements that allow Country Clubs of up to 100 members, and the ability to play night golf.

EA Sports certainly added a fair share of improvements but the question still remains whether these are enough to make people who bought Tiger 13 make a new purchase a year later. With last year's game including the Masters, we could already play Augusta, the most desired of the previously unavailable courses.

The gameplay itself picks up where Tiger Woods 13 left off, enhancing what was already great. There are times, though, where it feels like the computer AI has its way with you, making your shot land where it wants instead of where it should.

No matter how frustrating instances like that can be, Tiger Woods 14 is still an addicting game that makes you look forward to that next potential birdie or great shot.

Sort of like real golf.

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