Wednesday, September 12, 2012

NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

Week One is in the books and with that brings a lot of movement in the NFL Power Rankings. The 49ers leap up six spots and take the crown, while the Eagles and Lions managed to slide out of the Top Ten even in victory.

1. San Francisco 49ers (1-0) LW: 7
The Niners shut down the Packers’ running game, as everyone would expect, but also made Aaron Rodgers shaky in the pocket, winning a good game at Lambeau. Alex Smith looked sharp, tossing two TDs, and if he can play with the precision and ability he showed Sunday throughout this season, San Francisco will be a scary team.

2. New England Patriots (1-0) LW: 2
The Pats made light work of the Titans with the usual barrage of Brady passes to tight ends. New England’s newly improved defense looked stellar as well, which doesn’t bode well for their opponents.

3. Baltimore Ravens (1-0) LW: 5
The new no-huddle offense did wonders for the Ravens, adding a strong passing attack to an already good running and defensive team. If that continues, the Ravens will be the AFC representative in Super Bowl XLVII.

4. Houston Texans (1-0) LW: 4
Arian Foster did his usual thing, Andre Johnson had over 100 yards, and the Texans didn’t seem to miss Mario Williams at all.

5. New York Giants (0-1) LW: 1
A lot of flaws were revealed in New York’s Wednesday night loss to the Cowboys. The secondary needs a lot of work and some healthy bodies. The running game was non-existent. Victor Cruz forgot how to catch the ball.

6. Denver Broncos (1-0) LW: 6
Peyton Manning shook off the rust in a big way, leading the Broncos to victory at Mile High.

7. Green Bay Packers (0-1) LW: 3
Green Bay made a game of it against the 49ers but looked unimpressive throughout. A lot of that is a testament to San Francisco’s stellar defense, though.

8. Chicago Bears (1-0) LW: 9
Jay Cutler shrugged off an early pick six and came back with a strong game. Matt Forte looked healthy and Michael Bush came in to steal Forte’s touchdowns, to the chagrin of fantasy owners everywhere.

9. Atlanta Falcons (1-0) LW: 12
Matt Ryan and Julio Jones put on a show in Kansas City and Tony Gonzalez got his first TD at Arrowhead as a member of the visiting squad.

10. Dallas Cowboys (1-0) LW: 15
Tony Romo played one of his best games en route to a victory at MetLife Stadium.

11. Philadelphia Eagles (1-0) LW: 8
A truly awful performance from the Eagles, yet they managed to escape with a win thanks to an even worse showing from the Browns. Michael Vick threw four interceptions and nearly tossed a few more.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1) LW: 10
The Steelers couldn’t get much going against the tough Denver defense.

13. Detroit Lions (1-0) LW: 11
Matt Stafford did a Michael Vick impression but managed to come up big when it mattered, leading the Lions to a somewhat unimpressive victory over the Rams.

14. San Diego Chargers (1-0) LW: 16
It’s always hard to get too excited about the Chargers, especially when their season opening win came because of Raiders mistakes. A victory, nonetheless, and moves them up two spots.

15. New York Jets (1-0) LW: 19
The Jets looked really good against the Bills. Really good. Mark Sanchez played like someone who was angry that he had to deal with the whole Tim Tebow circus and if this is the outcome of that anger, it’s a good thing the Jets traded for Tebow.

16. Cincinnati Bengals (0-1) LW: 14
Tough draw for the Bengals in week one, getting the Ravens in Baltimore.

17. Washington Redskins (1-0) LW: 23
Robert Griffin III had a very good debut, outshining the other rookie QBs in Week One, leading his team to a big victory in New Orleans.

18. Kansas City Chiefs (0-1) LW: 17
KC hung in for a while with the Falcons but ultimately didn’t have enough. The Chiefs showed signs of being that sleeper team many predict they’ll be, though.

19. New Orleans Saints (0-1) LW: 13
Perhaps the bounty stuff is to blame or the myriad offseason distractions. Or maybe it was the lack of any running game. Or maybe it was Drew Brees’ inefficient 24-52, two interception day.

20. Tennessee Titans (0-1) LW: 18
The Titans were blasted by the Pats and Jake Locker got injured. Chris Johnson also returned to his early 2011 form with an 11-carry, four yard day.

21. Arizona Cardinals (1-0) LW: 21
A big win for the Cards, with Kevin Kolb replacing the injured John Skelton and leading the game winning drive.

22. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0) LW: 27
The Greg Schiano era is off to a good start after a big win against Cam Newton and the Panthers.

23. Seattle Seahawks (0-1) LW: 22
Even an extra timeout couldn’t help the Seahawks win in Arizona.

24. Carolina Panthers (0-1) LW: 20
Cam Newton had a decent day but his two picks were costly against an improving Bucs defense.

25. Oakland Raiders (0-1) LW: 24
Mistakes plagued Oakland Monday night but Carson Palmer looked good.

26. Minnesota Vikings (1-0) LW: 29
Minnesota won in overtime, with Adrian Peterson looking good and Christian Ponder being efficient.

27. St. Louis Rams (0-1) LW: 25
The Rams couldn’t do much offensively against the Lions but it was almost enough to get a win, which probably says more about the Lions than the Rams.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1) LW: 31
Tough loss for the Jags but they looked a lot better than many anticipated, and Maurice Jones-Drew seemed to be impervious to the “Chris Johnson Effect.”

29. Indianapolis Colts (0-1) LW: 28
Andrew Luck looked like a rookie in Indy’s loss to the Bears, which isn’t a bad thing in the long run. Games like the three interception performance he had will happen during a quarterback’s inaugural campaign.

30. Buffalo Bills (0-1) LW: 26
Buffalo got absolutely squashed by the Jets in all facets of the game. The Bills’ defense, featuring the new acquisition Mario Williams, did nothing all day.

31. Miami Dolphins (0-1) LW: 30
The Dolphins took some Hard Knocks (see what I did there?) Sunday and it looks to be a long season in South Beach.

32. Cleveland Browns (0-1) LW: 32
The Browns forced five turnovers, with four of them being Michael Vick interceptions, and scored zero offensive touchdowns. Brandon Weeden looked lost and overmatched, making many wonder if it might be a better idea to let Weeden learn for a bit behind Colt McCoy.

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