Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dolphins release Chad Johnson

FOX's Jay Glazer is reporting that the Dolphins have released Chad Johnson after his domestic violence arrest on Saturday.

The addition of the former Ochocinco was seen at the time by many as a publicity driven move by the Dolphins and one of the reasons HBO chose the team for its Hard Knocks series. While this will certainly draw attention to the team and show, it's an unfortunate circumstance, to say the least.

The Dolphins did the right thing by cutting ties with Johnson. As I mentioned in an earlier post, it's likely that they would have been without the wide receiver for at least a few games anyway due to a probably suspension. Had they not made a swift move, it would have sent the wrong message.

(Photo courtesy AP)

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LBD said...

The Dolphins made the right move by signing him and firing him. The Fins got some good heat on them now for the TV show and maybe the show will lead the average Dolphin fan to get psyched about their team and actually show up to the games.

Go Dolphins!