Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dropping Links on NFL Draft Day

Some NFL-related tidbits first as we head towards tonight's Draft in New York City.

- The Colts put an official end to the Peyton Manning era, removing the giant "Thank You Peyton" banner they had been displaying on the outside of Lucas Oil Stadium yesterday. |Shutdown Corner|

- Deion Sanders has been having a pretty rough week. Primetime will still appear on NFL Network's Draft coverage, even though he's involved in a nasty situation with his estranged wife, whom he pressed charges against for assault. She replied by pressing charges against him. |ProFootballTalk|

- Calvin Johnson was announced as the Madden 13 cover player yesterday in Times Square. Following that comes some replay footage and another trailer showing some new gameplay features. ||

- Osi Umenyiora thinks there is a chance he could be traded during or leading up to the NFL Draft. He's been complaining about his contract and playing time for what seems like years now. Reports yesterday surfaced that Osi would be willing to keep his current contract if the team he were traded to made him a starter. That could be pretty enticing for considering his low base salary. |The Blue Screen|

- The NFL might not play the Pro Bowl anymore. No one seems to care except for the players that get a free vacation out of it. |With Leather|

(Image courtesy NFL)

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