Sunday, March 18, 2012

Dropping Links: Sunday, March 18, 2012

- New York Giants Super Bowl hero Mario Manningham signed a two-year deal with the 49ers. He'll join Michael Crabtree and Randy Moss as targets for Peyton Manning, potentially. |The Blue Screen|

- Speaking of number 18, Peyton still hasn't alerted the Titans, 49ers or Broncos what his timetable is for announcing where he'll sign. |ProFootballTalk|

- Tampa radio host Dan Sileo has been fired for his racist comments made last week. |Awful Announcing|

- The New York Post, ever the symbol of journalistic integrity, proclaimed "Linsanity" dead on Friday. The hype may be over but Jeremy Lin has been playing just about the same under new coach Mike Woodson. |With Leather|

- John Axford supports mustache legislation. |The Hall of Very Good|

(Image courtesy Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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