Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dropping Links: Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jeremy Lin - perhaps you've heard of him - did it again last night, nailing a game winning three pointer against the Raptors in Toronto, leading the Knicks to their sixth straight victory. The "Linsanity" continues in New York.

- The Knicks Blog looks at the rising cost of tickets at Madison Square Garden since Lin's breakout performances began.

- Awful Announcing dissects the Tebow-like hype and media overkill Jeremy Lin has drawn.

- Posting and Toasting has all the video footage you'll need from last night's game.

In non-Lin links:

- Shaq thinks Dwight Howard leaving the Magic would be a travesty... even though Shaq did the same thing a few decades ago. |Ball Don't Lie|

- People keep lining up to protest the Redskins chasing after Peyton Manning, with the most recent being DC's mayor. |Shutdown Corner|

- One of the candidates for MLB's 2012 Fan Cave has tattoos representing all 30 teams. |Big League Stew|

And the non-sports links:

- Kate Upton's Sports Illustrated cover photo could not have been more photoshopped |WWTDD|

- Speaking of Upton, she awesomely rejected Darren Rovell's "Be My Valentine" request on national television. |Uproxx|

- NBC is going to make a Hannibal Lecter show. |Warming Glow|

- Brandon Stroud's always excellent read, The Best and Worst of WWE Raw 2/13/12: Embraces Hate, Melodrama, Wheelchair Violence |With Leather|

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