Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dropping Links: Wednesday, January 12, 2011

- Self- proclaimed "Geek Goddess" Olivia Munn's Maxim cover is a bit controversial to some. (I personally like the "Joe Buck Mute Button" headline.) |Asylum|

- 10 notable midseason television replacements from the past, and the shows that got the boot in their favor. |Warming Glow|

- LeBron James took a shot at the Cleveland Cavs, or - more accurately - the team's owner Dan Gilbert, with a tweet last night. |Ball Don't Lie|

- Trevor Hoffman decided to call it a career. |The Hall of Very Good|

- Former Chicago Bear and current sportscaster Mike Adamle, most remembered for his stint on "American Gladiators" and with the WWE, was arrested and charged with DUI. |Busted Coverage|

- The 13 Golden Rules of Twitter |Darren Rovell's Sports Biz|

Video Roundup: The Dude Abides, Free Steve Nash, and Chandler's Jam

- A clip of Jeff Bridges visiting the Little Lebowski shop, airing on PBS' American Masters tonight.

- Chris Webber started a "Free Steve Nash" chant on NBA TV last night.

- Speaking of the NBA, here's a nice alley-oop from Landry Fields to Wilson Chandler during last night's Knicks-Blazers game.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dropping Links: Tuesday, January 11, 2011

- The Auburn Tigers won the BCS National Championship game last night. War Eagle. Michael Dyer ran for 143 yards, Cam Newton passed for 265 and two TD's, and about a million "War Eagle's" were dropped during the postgame as the Tigers beat the Oregon Ducks to end college football's season. ||

- The city of Auburn went toilet paper mad after the BCS win. |Busted Coverage|

- Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (remember them?) won't attend the Oscars because Anne Hathaway is hosting, and she did an impression of Holmes on SNL a while back. I'm not making that up. |FilmDrunk|

- Derrick Rose dunked a basketball last night. |Ball Don't Lie|

- The Broncos are putting highlights of their interviews with potential head coaches on the team's website for fans to view. |Shutdown Corner|

- A look ahead at the week in college hoops. |I Hate JJ Redick|

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Carlos Boozer will not eat without his hot sauce

An NBA on ESPN commercial that I somehow missed when it debuted in October, but has been making the rounds again lately.

"We like hot sauce in Italy too."

Dropping Links: Monday, January 10, 2011

We're back after about a month of (yet another) hiatus and things are changing. I'd like to say I was preparing for the last month for this change, but really I was just playing lots of videogames, taking naps and eating too much. As you may have noticed from the different header, we're expanding our horizons a little bit. We'll still be focusing a lot on sports but also on entertainment and anything I find blogworthy. So here are some links, in typical weekday fashion, just with a little more to look at.

- VH1 web producer plans to eat 2,011 chicken wings in 2011. Likely will also consume thousands of tums. |Asylum|

- Anderson Varajeo won't be traded at the deadline, since he's out for the season. |Ball Don't Lie|

- Olivia Munn is featured in the February 2011 issue of Maxim. Here's a sneak preview. |Busted Coverage|

- Ron Artest kicked it old school last night, choking and kicking as many Knicks as possible. |Bob's Blitz|

- A brief history of conspicuous product placement. |FilmDrunk|

- LeBron James likes being the bad guy. |Game On!|

- 25 pictures of Keith Richards looking like death. |Holy Taco|

- Tucker Carlson is a nobody, according to Charles Barkley. |Off the Bench|

- Jim Carrey hosted an underwhelming SNL but here are the best clips. |Warming Glow|

- Reggie Wayne isn't pleased about only catching one pass against the Jets. |Shutdown Corner|

- Check out my baseball-focused link drop at The Hall of Very Good, a weekly feature appearing every Monday.

Video(s): Crazy Marshawn Lynch touchdown remixes

You've undoubtedly seen everything there is to see about Marshawn Lynch's ridiculous touchdown run Saturday against the Saints. In case you haven't, though, here is some more Beastmode goodness.

First, the obligatory Tecmo Bowl remix:

And a rare Super Mario Brothers remix: