Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lou Williams averts robbery, takes mugger to dinner

You may have heard about Lou Williams, guard of the Philadelphia 76ers, almost being robbed at gunpoint on Christmas Eve, only for the robber to realize who he was and not rob him because of what Williams does for the Philly community. That, in itself, is an interesting story.

It gets better, though, as Williams offered to take the man out for a bite to eat. From Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News:
"A guy tried to rob me but decided not to because of whatever I do in the community," said Williams before the game last night. "He's a Lou Williams fan so he didn't rob me."

Williams said he was driving in his car when the man approached, knocked on the driver's window and had a gun drawn.

"There's crime everywhere," said Williams. "I was debating whether to pull off or help the guy. The gun was already out. He did all the talking and we came up with a solution before I could really say much. I treated him to McDonald's."
After turning that close call into a good situation, Williams dropped 25 points in Philly's season opener Monday night.

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images North America)

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