Friday, November 11, 2011

Dropping Links: 11.11.11

Some Veterans Day links from around the web:

- Ball Don't Lie updates the mind numbing NBA lockout, which now has the league giving the union a revised proposal for a 72-game season. Let's just get this over with already.

- The Raiders moved into first place in the AFC West with last night's win against the Chargers.

- More on the Wilson Ramos kidnapping from Nationals Journal, which questionably has not been getting a lot of coverage from the mainstream media.

- From The Hall of Very Good, Japan wants nothing to do with Manny Ramirez.

- I Hate JJ Redick weighs in on the Penn State situation.

- Billy Crystal will host the Oscars again now that Eddie Murphy is out.

- Speaking of which, Holy Taco has six people they would rather see host the Oscars than Crystal.

- My new favorite business card.

The Marlins are pushing all their chips to the middle of the table

The Florida Miami Marlins are the big talk of MLB free agency right now. The team has been heavily linked to Jose Reyes, with some even saying it's almost a done deal, and are apparently meeting with Albert Pujols this weekend. Jorge Sedano of 790-AM in South Florida is reporting that the team is also inquiring about the availability of A's starter Gio Gonzalez. Marlins brass has also talked with free agent pitcher Mark Buehrle.

It makes sense that the team wants to go big. The Fish debut a new stadium, manager, logo and uniforms in 2012. The complicated task of filling a ballpark every night with competition from the many other things to do in Miami is a tall order, so the team will have to spend more than they have in the past on payroll.

It sounds like the team is ready to finally do that, but will it help? From a competitive standpoint the Marlins will obviously be better if they add players like Reyes, Pujols or Buerhle to a team that already features Hanley Ramirez, Logan Morrison, Josh Johnson and Mike Stanton.

As we've seen with the Miami Heat, though, it doesn't guarantee interest from the fans. Even when the Marlins have been good in the past, the fans haven't come out in throngs to support them.

They have to hope all of that changes with a new stadium and some fresh, exciting players. Jose Reyes, when healthy, certainly fits that bill. Pujols, however unlikely, would obviously make a difference.

You can't argue with the strategy. Go big or go home, as they say.

(Photo Chris McGrath/Getty Images)