Monday, December 6, 2010

Broncos fire head coach Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels' short tenure as head coach of the Denver Broncos was tumultuous to say the least. That tenure ended today as the team decided to relieve the 34-year-old of his duties.

Upon his arrival, McDaniels traded Jay Cutler, once thought of as the next John Elway. After starting his coaching career with six straight victories, things headed south along with the team's record. He butted heads with Brandon Marshall, who was eventually traded.

He acquired Brady Quinn for Peyton Hillis, who has more rushing yards this season than the entire Broncos attack combined. He drafted Demaryius Thomas ahead of Dez Bryant and then took Tim Tebow in the first round.

The draft picks aren't all his fault, of course, but it's easy to see why it was time to let McDaniels go. He went 5-17 as a head coach following Denver's 6-0 start last season and, while Denver's problems go well beyond the coach, someone had to take the fall.

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