Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bulls shouldn't be the only team trying to pair LeBron and Phil Jackson

According to reports, the Chicago Bulls have reached out through the ever-infamous "back channels" to Lakers head coach Phil Jackson to see if he has any desire to once again coach the team he won six championships with. Jackson can leave the Lakers after the season and the feeling is that if Jax does return to Los Angeles, he will have to take a significant pay cut.

The obvious idea here is to lure Phil Jackson to Chicago as a way to attract LeBron James. Add Jackson with Derrick Rose and Joaquim Noah, and the Windy City would be a pretty attractive destination for James this offseason.

But would LeBron really want to play in the shadow of Michael Jordan? If he were paired with Phil Jackson, the expectations would probably be even loftier.

A potential Phil Jackson - LeBron James pairing is very interesting and wouldn't necessarily have to happen in Chicago. The Clippers are also in search of a coach and are among the teams coveting James. Cleveland could also reach out to Jackson in an attempt to appease James now that they've fired Mike Brown.

One team that could certainly afford to pay a head coach something in the $12 million per year range that Phil Jackson makes is the New York Knicks. Sure, Mike D'Antoni is their current head coach, but if you could choose between the two, who would you want? The Mavericks could do the same, as they have an owner who isn't shy about spending money. Mark Cuban was even recently fined for saying he would be interested in acquiring LeBron James.

With the NBA Playoffs as boring as they have been, this all makes for interesting fodder. The smart money is probably on Phil Jackson retiring if he can't work out a deal with the Lakers, since he's teased the idea in the past. But if he were to coach somewhere else, captaining a squad that features LeBron James would undoubtedly be enticing.

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wow getting Phil and Lebron mm that will be a nice dream...