Monday, April 5, 2010

Some more thoughts on the Donovan McNabb trade

A few notable items came out last night after the trade of Donovan McNabb to the Redskins was made official.

The first of those is that the Eagles had offers on the table from the Raiders and Bills, but sent McNabb to Washington out of respect for the quarterback. McNabb did not want to go to Oakland or Buffalo, so the Philly front office wanted to make him happy and did so by trading him within the division and to their rivals, the Redskins.

While this is a nice gesture and one we don't often see in sports, the Eagles should have done what was best for the team. Granted, McNabb wouldn't have signed an extension to stay in Oakland or Buffalo, and perhaps the offers from those teams were not as good as what the Redskins were willing to part with. But perhaps it would have been worth taking a little lower of a draft pick in order to not have to see McNabb twice a year?

What the Eagles got in return was a nice haul. A second round pick (37th overall) in this year's draft and either a third- or fourth-round pick in 2011 is certainly nothing to sneeze at. But word is that the Redskins first offered a straight up trade of Albert Haynesworth, the defensive lineman whom they just signed to a mega contract in the previous offseason, for McNabb.

I can't say I'm shocked that Washington would be willing to part with Haynesworth already. There were questions about his attitude and work ethic before he signed with the 'Skins and Haynesworth was also suspended previously for stomping on the head of an opposing player. All of the above also explains why the Eagles preferred to receive draft picks in return for McNabb.

The Eagles were ready to move on without the face of their franchise. After so many offseasons of speculation, it was time to finally trade McNabb. The Redskins still need a lot of help to return to their glory days, but they were the winners in this deal.


Sam said...

Donovan McNabb will never appear in another Super Bowl. He just isn't among the elite QBs in a league that values possession and completions. McNabb is below average when it comes to completion %.

Tony Arnoldine said...

Can't dispute your argument, Sam, and the stats on your blog certainly back it up. Clearly the Redskins feel McNabb is a big upgrade over Jason Campbell, though, and this is a very Daniel Snyder-ish move to make.