Friday, April 30, 2010

Brett Favre is up to his old tricks again

If Brett Favre ever does decide to retire, he could certainly transition to a great career in public relations. The guy is all about publicity and he's doing it again.

According to ESPN, Favre has been told he needs to have ankle surgery if he wants to play in 2010.

So many things come to mind here. For one, why not have the surgery right after the 2009 season ended, when pictures came out that showed Favre's bruised ankle? The answer, most likely, is that this way Favre has a built-in reason not to show up for training camp on time, not that the Vikings were going to make him anyway.

And there's always the Favre spectacle. That's really what this is about. This is one more way for Favre to show what a "warrior" he is and how he's gritty and tough. The crazy thing is that Favre doesn't need to do this stuff. The media already loves him, they eat up everything he says and does, and constantly pay him the attention he so desperately desires.

Either way, get ready for the next few months to be saturated by Brett and the Injured Ankle, coming to an ESPN near you soon!

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