Thursday, March 25, 2010

Obligatory Donovan McNabb trade rumor post

It's time for the seemingly bi-weekly Donovan McNabb trade rumors to make their way around the internet. We've heard this so many times that pretty much every rumor should be dismissed immediately. It's a "boy who cried wolf" sort of thing.

But since this is a blog and I can freely speculate (as many of the so-called experts do, anyway) we might as well discuss some of the potential landing spots for the Eagles' quarterback.

The Rams were first reported to have discussed a deal with Philly but that rumor has since been squashed. Now the Raiders are emerging as a trade partner, according to some of the aforementioned free-speculators.

But what about another California team, the San Francisco 49ers?

The 'Niners have a solid defense and a decent receiving corps, headlined by Michael Crabtree. San Fran's running game of Frank Gore and Glen Coffee is formidable and adding McNabb would certainly make them contenders, at least for the NFC West title, and maybe more.

If I had to bet, though, I think McNabb stays in Philly and, like every other year, this all turns out to be something for us to write and talk about and nothing else.

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