Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How exactly are the Raiders the favorites to land McNabb?

Adam Schefter's latest ESPN Insider report in which he says nothing of substance has the Raiders as the lead dog in the race to acquire Donovan McNabb.

In his reports for SportsCenter and NFL Live, Schefter cites the rumor that the Eagles want a pick better than 42nd overall and the Raiders have the 39th pick in this April's NFL Draft. Somehow that, coupled with Al Davis' desire for high-profile players, makes Oakland the "clear-cut favorites" to land McNabb.

I'm sure there's more to this report but from what Schefter has divulged, it seems like complete speculation. That's not to say I doubt that the Raiders want McNabb. I mean, this is the Raiders.

Until we know more, like if the Raiders have even contacted the Eagles, we should be a little suspicious of this rumor.

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