Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tyreke Evans is latest example of inferiority of Knicks rookies

In case you weren’t sure, the Knicks are, in fact, terrible once again this season. Coach Mike D’Antoni is throwing out lineups like they were lottery numbers, using different players every night. He benched Nate Robinson for a month before finally giving him some playing time, then exiled Larry Hughes. Then Hughes was back in the rotation with Robinson declared the starting point guard… for one game.

D’Antoni has been trying to keep his team in the playoff race but, with the Knicks now 13 games under .500, it’s time to throw in the towel. The infamous Summer of 2010 is almost upon us and Donnie Walsh and Co. have been preparing for two years for this crop of free agents.

Rookies Toney Douglas and Jordan Hill should get a lot of playing time so the coaching staff can see what the two youngsters are made of. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t look like they’ll be integral pieces in the future of the Knickerbockers.

DeMar DeRozan, Brandon Jennings, Gerald Henderson, Tyreke Evans’ teammate Omri Casspi and Jonas Jerebko were all drafted after the Knicks took Hill at the number eight spot and all have been more productive for their teams. Jerebko was even taken after Toney Douglas, the Knicks’ second round pick, was selected.

Many people questioned the selection of Hill at no. 8 overall and it looks like they may have been right. Granted, all of the other rookies I’ve listed have had more playing opportunities than Hill but what does it say about the rookie when he can’t grab court time ahead of Jonathan Bender?

Evans was drafted at the four spot, so the Knicks aren’t to blame for passing on him. But it certainly doesn’t look good when you’re in a rebuilding mode and only three players on the team will be in the rotation next season.

The Kings got a very good player in Evans and, in a twist of the knife for Knicks fans, will get another young stud in the 2010 Draft, since they have New York’s first round pick.

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kendall1 said...

Can't blame it all on coach D, he can't teach will and confidence.Up 15 with 3 min. left and you go into overtime and lose,that's not IMO the coach.

Tony Arnoldine said...

That's true, kendall1. Can't blame everything on Coach D, but he needs to figure out what the plan is going forward.

The team seems to have quite on the coach, which is a bad sign. Either his message isn't getting across or they don't care to hear it from him.

Or maybe they just aren't very good, which is also a part of it.