Friday, February 26, 2010

MLB 2K10 and MLB 10:The Show gameplay videos

With both MLB 2K10 (Xbox 360 and PS3) and MLB 10: The Show (PS3) hitting store shelves Tuesday, March 2, here's a look at gameplay videos from each game. The 2K10 video features the Yankees v. Phillies, with the computer controlling both teams.

This gameplay video of MLB 10: The Show is a Twins-Tigers matchup and comes from 1UP.

It's hard to make an accurate judgment on the graphics because the video of MLB 2K10 was filmed off an LCD screen while the MLB 10 clip was recorded directly from the game, but The Show does look a little better.

Having suffered through the last two years of pathetic 2K offerings on the Xbox 360, I'm very excited to finally be able to play The Show on PS3 this year.

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