Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For some reason, the NFL Network wants Chris Berman

This makes absolutely no sense to me. Maybe I’m alone here but I think Chris Berman is undoubtedly the worst television broadcaster there is. His references are ridiculously outdated, his nickname shtick wore out its welcome years ago, and his babbling speak and silly sound effects are annoying. I always thought he was only an ESPN favorite, like their other personality who is annoying and says nothing that makes sense, Dick Vitale.

Apparently, though, people actually tune in to hear and see Chris Berman, or at least that’s what the executives at the NFL Network believe.

According to The Big Lead, the NFL Network is “heavily pursuing” the short-winded one. Other reports indicate that DirecTV is also interested in Berman for its Red Zone Channel.

I get that Berman is a big name that many people associate with football but Rich Eisen is far-and-away a better studio host than Boomer. The NFL Network’s coverage is all about the NFL but if Berman were to come on board, it would be all about him, which ESPN is famous for. They’ve always been about their broadcasters and on-air personalities instead of the actual competition they are showcasing.

The main reason there is a link between the NFL Network and Berman is because of the network's president, Steve Bornstein, who has known Berman for 30 years, dating back to the duo's days at "the Worldwide Leader."

I think it’s a dumb move by NFL Network and even more so for DirecTV. The amount of money it would take to lure Berman away from ESPN would be enormous and almost certainly wouldn’t be worth it.

There are many people, myself included, who turn away from ESPN’s coverage simply because they can’t stand Chris Berman. The NFL Network, already struggling to pull in viewers because of availability issues, can’t afford to have that happen and risk losing the diehard fans that keep it going.

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