Monday, February 8, 2010

Dropping Links: Monday, February 8, 2010

On this Monday night, the night after the Super Bowl, let's surf around the web and find some linkage for you to read before you settle into bed or as you gather yourself at the office on Tuesday morning.

- Club Seat Sports has the top five commercials from Super Bowl XLIV. I thought the commercials were pretty average, for the most part, but a few stood out. The number one choice on Luca's list was my personal favorite.

- Speaking of Super Bowl commercials, our pal Bob Mantz has a look at Megan Fox's stunt thumb she apparently used during her cell phone ad.

- The Scores Report fills us in on some possible NBA trade scenarios as we approach the deadline. Caron Butler is likely headed to either Dallas or Houston.

- Tiger Woods' return date to the PGA Tour changes by the day but now is apparently sometime in March. No Guts, No Glory has the info.

- A Sports Scribe defends the choice to keep Cris Carter out of the Hall of Fame for the third consecutive year. While I think Carter will eventually get in and deserves to, it's hard to argue against who has gone in ahead of him so far.

- PastaPadre has the news that EA Sports is ready to cancel their NCAA Basketball franchise. This isn't sad news for most, as the game has been seriously lacking in recent years.

- We missed this one last week, but the Hall of Very Good has an interview with the Batting Stance Guy as we approach spring training.

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