Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some late Thursday night links for your reading pleasure

It's been far too long, blogosphere. As you already know and can tell, I haven't been posting with the ferocity that I was in, say, the summer. But on this Thursday night, after watching the latest Knicks debacle of a loss, I feel compelled to bring you some links before you all dig in for the weekend.
- Our friend Bob Mantz has more on the Newsday paywall and its lack of success. As you may have heard, the New York daily has only added 35 subscribers in the three months since going to a pay model. Page views are also significantly down.

- PastaPadre has some new screenshots from MLB 10: The Show, which hits store shelves the first Tuesday in March. The game was incredible last season and only promises to get better this year.

- The NFL has put its foot down on local New Orleans business people selling shirts with the Saints' "Who Dat" phrase.

- The NBA announced reserves for the upcoming All-Star game. Surprisingly, Gilbert Arenas was not among those who will be playing in Dallas.

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