Monday, January 4, 2010

NFL Power Rankings: Final edition

The final week of the 2009 NFL regular season is in the books and with it comes the final NFL Power Rankings of the year. The Colts hold on to the top spot while the Chargers slide up to number two.

1. Colts (14-2) [1]
2. Chargers (13-3) [3]
3. Saints (13-3) [2]
4. Vikings (12-4) [6]
5. Packers (11-5) [8]
6. Cowboys (11-5) [9]
7. Eagles (11-5) [4]
8. Cardinals (10-6) [5]
9. Patriots (10-6) [7]
10. Bengals (10-6) [10]
11. Ravens (9-7) [12]
12. Texans (9-7) [13]
13. Jets (9-7) [14]

I can’t drop the Colts because they’ve lost two in a row because they weren’t playing their first team for most of yesterday’s loss to the Bills and for half of the game against the Jets… The Saints slip because they’ve lost three in a row, two of which they were fighting hard to win. I know it seems to contradict my thoughts on the Colts but the Saints, to me, were the weaker of the two teams all season long and ending their year in that fashion can’t be good heading into the playoffs… Part of me wanted to slide the Chargers all the way up to number one but then the “resting their starters” thing popped into my head again. San Diego, though, may be the favorite to win the Super Bowl right now… The Vikings bounced back, albeit against a pathetic Giants squad… The Packers are rolling and could face the Vikings in the playoffs if they beat Arizona this weekend and Philly beats Dallas, which would allow the mainstream media to rehash
all the tired “Brett against the Packers” storylines… The Cowboys have shaken their December ghosts and looked good again against the Eagles yesterday. They’ll host the birds this weekend in a rematch… Coming into this week I thought the Eagles were the favorite to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl, but now I’m not so sure. Perhaps it’s the Vikings or Packers… The Cardinals got stomped by Green Bay and will get their shot at vengeance this weekend when they host the Cheeseheads in Arizona… The Bengals looked terrible but may have been keeping some tricks up their sleeves for when they play the Jets again in the first round of the playoffs… I kept the Texans above the Jets for the simple reason that the Airplanes were handed a spot in the playoffs, facing a Colts team that laid down and then a Bengals team that basically did the same.

14. Steelers (9-7) [11]
15. Falcons (9-7) [16]
16. Titans (8-8) [17]
17. Panthers (8-8) [18]
18. 49ers (8-8) [22]
19. Broncos (8-8) [15]
20. Giants (8-8) [19]
21. Dolphins (7-9) [20]
22. Jaguars (7-9) [21]
23. Bears (7-9) [23]
24. Bills (6-10) [25]

The Steelers dropped because they were on the outer cusp of the playoffs and would have needed so much help to get in, even though they won this week… The Titans went 8-2 after a sad 0-6 start, but Chris Johnson made history. Vince Young has supplanted himself as the starting quarterback going forward… The Broncos and Giants were both world class disappointments this year. After great starts they both fell flat down the stretch… The Bills looked great yesterday but did it against the Colts’ second string team.

25. Browns (5-11) [26]
26. Raiders (5-11) [24]
27. Chiefs (4-12) [30]
28. Seahawks (5-11) [27]
29. Buccaneers (3-13) [28]
30. Redskins (4-12) [29]
31. Lions (2-14) [31]
32. Rams (1-15) [32]

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