Monday, December 7, 2009

Why Cincinnati coach Brian Kelly looks like an idiot right now

If you're a longtime reader of the blog, you know about my "Fraternal Society of Hypocrites," a group of coaches who have vehemently denied leaving their current job to coach somewhere else only to leave their current job and coach somewhere else. Nick Saban and Bobby Petrino are a few members of the infamous group.

It looks like they might soon be joined by current Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly.

Kelly first snapped at reporters about a week ago when asked if he would be interested in coaching at Notre Dame, saying he wouldn't leave and only wanted to focus on the upcoming Cincinnati v. Pittsburgh Big East title game.

Before that very game he told reporters that if Notre Dame wanted to talk, he would entertain that. Then following the game he again snapped at reporters saying that they have a habit of reporting things that aren't backed up by facts.

While Kelly may be right about the media, he just now tweeted that he will, in fact, be interviewing for the Notre Dame vacancy on Tuesday. So Kelly got all angry, all "you guys are idiots and I'm noble" with reporters on Saturday because they said he would interview with Notre Dame and then he'll interview with Notre Dame.

What makes this all even more funny is that Kelly is acting as though no one has reason to believe he might leave Cincinnati for the bigger spotlight that the Fighting Irish head coaching position can offer. But really, we have every reason to believe he will leave the Bearcats and head to the Irish, since he abandoned Central Michigan University before their season was even finished to head to Cincinnati.

He won't be in the Fraternal Society of Hypocrites until he actually jumps ship to ND, but for now he's certainly a hypocrite-in-training.

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