Sunday, December 20, 2009

Six Picks for Sunday - Week Fifteen

We're back with another edition of the Six Picks for Sunday. As you know, these are determined by the six games with the closest spreads, although the games will be predicted straight up. Feel free to post your own picks in the comments section, and I'll keep you updated with the results throughout the season.

For the up-to-date results and standings, click here.

Green Bay Packers @ Pittsburgh Steelers - Packers
Miami Dolphins @ Tennessee Titans - Titans
Atlanta Falcons @ New York Jets - Jets
Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs - Chiefs
Cincinnati Bengals @ San Diego Chargers - Chargers
Tampa Bay Bucs @ Seattle Seahawks - Seahawks

The Steelers lost to the Browns last week. The Browns. So I have to take the hot Packers, even going into Heinz Field... The Dolphins-Titans matchup will be a treat, especially with the sidebar of Chris Johnson and Ted Ginn apparently wanting to race each other. I'll take Tennessee and Chris Johnson... It's been a rough year for the Falcons and as bad as it has been for the Jets, they are still 7-6, right in the hunt. I'll take the Airplanes today, counting on Thomas Jones to carry the load... Chiefs, since they're at home. I mean, both teams are garbage, so what else is there to go on?... Although the Bengals will certainly be playing for a lot this Sunday following the death of Chris Henry, I think the Chargers take it at home. San Diego could very well be headed for a Super Bowl this year... I'll take the Seahawks, for the same reason as the KC-CLE game.


Stuart said...

Packers. Titans. Jets. Chiefs. Chargers. Seahawks.

The Rooster said...