Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Video: Ric Flair "bloodies" Hulk Hogan at Australian press conference

Hulk Hogan is embarking on his newest Hulkamania tour, which takes place in Australia. The tour features several other wrestling has-beens, but the main event pits "The Hulkster" against Ric Flair. Tuesday night the two squared off at a press event to promote the fight. Watch as the two old, old, old dogs exchange words and then Flair gives Hogan the weakest looking slap.

Apparently many in the Australian media thought this was real. I can't hide my love for professional wrestling but we all know it's set up. If that wasn't enough, that slap couldn't have busted open a tomato.

This match will be all sorts of bad when the two actually get it on. Hogan was one of the worst wrestlers in terms of ring work when he was in his prime so just imagine how bad he'll be at the age he is and against another geriatric in "The Nature Boy."


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Hogan's last tour with WWE was ugly. Both are too old to do anything in the ring. It'll be 20 minutes of them both slapping each other, Hogan running around the ring holding his hand to his ear, Ric doing the nature boy routine, slap each other, and repeat.

Oh, and the blood was probably real. It's basic misdirection like a magic show. After the slap everyone looks at Ric and no one notices Hogan taking a small razor and making a small cut on his forehead. During matches they hide the razor in the tape around their wrists.

Tony Arnoldine said...

You're absolutely right about the match. And don't forget Hogan "Hulking up" and a few patented "Flair flops."

You're also right about the blood itself being real. I should have clarified that the slap didn't bust him open and that I thought the altercation was set up.