Friday, October 16, 2009

Six Picks for Sunday - Week Six

It's time for another week of prognostications, so let's get at it. These are determined by the six games with the closest spreads, although the games will be predicted straight up. Feel free to post your own picks in the comments section, and I'll keep you updated with the results throughout the season.

For the up-to-date results and standings, click here.

Houston Texans @ Cincinnati Bengals - Bengals
Baltimore Ravens @ Minnesota Vikings - Vikings
New York Giants @ New Orleans Saints - Giants
Carolina Panthers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Panthers
Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks - Seahawks
Chicago Bears @ Atlanta Falcons - Falcons

I'm not sure how "for real" the Bengals are yet but the Texans have been way too inconsistent to take them on the road against a team that is as hot as Cincinnati... Baltimore-Minnesota is going to be a very good game and will be shown in a lot of the country on CBS. If Cedric Benson was able to rush for over 100 yards against the Ravens' defense, imagine what Adrian Peterson might be able to do... This might be the homer in me coming out but I'll take the G-Men in Louisiana. New York's secondary has surprisingly been one of their great strengths and I don't think Eli Manning will make the mistakes that other quarterbacks have made against the Saints' defense... I hate to use the transitive property but the Panthers just (barely) beat the Redskins, and the 'Skins (barely) beat the Bucs, so there you go... The Seahawks went crazy on the Jaguars last week and the Cardinals haven't look very good this year... Falcons-Bears is another good Sunday night matchup. I'll take the Falcons but this one will be very, very close.


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Bengals. Vikings. Saints. Panthers. Seahawks. Falcons.