Friday, October 9, 2009

Six Picks for Sunday - Week Five

It's time for another week of prognostications, so let's get at it. These are determined by the six games with the closest spreads, although the games will be predicted straight up. Feel free to post your own picks in the comments section, and I'll keep you updated with the results throughout the season.

For the up-to-date results and standings, click here.

Washington Redskins @ Carolina Panthers - Panthers
Atlanta Falcons @ San Francisco 49ers - 49ers
New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos - Patriots
Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals - Cardinals
Jacksonville Jaguars @ Seattle Seahawks - Jaguars
Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans - Colts

Carolina is bound to get it going sometime and this week seems like the right moment. The Redskins have been brutal this year, even when they win, so I think this week the Panthers get back to the run game and win at home... The 49ers offense is really not very good but their defense is absolutely crushing teams right now. They may have trouble scoring but they should be able to contain a Falcons offense with a very disappointing Michael Turner... The Broncos are coming off of a huge win against the Cowboys but Dallas really isn't that good. The Patriots should be able to take this one in Denver... I'll take Arizona's high powered passing attack against Houston... Jacksonville is getting some momentum going, so I'll take them against a struggling Seattle team... Not sure why the spread on this one is so close, but it's a pretty easy decision for me to take the Colts on the road against the Titans.


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Panthers, Falcons, Broncos, Cardinals, Seahawks, Colts