Friday, September 18, 2009

Six Picks for Sunday - Week Two

Six Picks for Sunday is a weekly segment, where I'll predict six of the toughest games to call from Sunday's NFL slate. These are determined by the six games with the closest spreads, although the games will be predicted straight up. Feel free to post your own picks in the comments section, and I'll keep you updated with the results throughout the season.

For last week's results and the current standings, click here.

New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles - Saints
Seattle Seahawks @ San Francisco 49ers - Seahawks
Oakland Raiders @ Kansas City Chiefs - Chiefs
Arizona Cardinals @ Jacksonville Jaguars - Jaguars
Baltimore Ravens @ San Diego Chargers - Ravens
New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys - Giants

Even though the Eagles are at home, I have to go with the Saints simply because Donovan McNabb is injured. If he plays, he won't be as effective. I'm also not on the "Jeff Garcia is a great quarterback" bandwagon (if he even plays) because if Garcia were so great, he wouldn't have played for half the league... The 49ers looked impressive in their week one victory in Arizona but the same can be said for Seattle. I like the Seahawks and their suddenly improved running game, while Frank Gore basically has disappeared for San Francisco... I'll take Kansas City with the belief that Matt Cassel will play. Either way, the Chiefs put up a good fight against the Ravens and while the Raiders also played better than expectations, I'll go with the home team... I tend to think that the Cardinals' magical run last year was just that; a run where the team got hot at the right time. The Jags held their own last week against the Colts and I'll give them the nod at home... Ravens-Chargers is such a close call that I went to the time-tested coin flip method... Another tough one is the G-Men and Cowboys, but I like New York's defense and their receivers were much better than anyone thought they would be in week one. That, and I'm a Giants fan.


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Thomas said...

Your week one picks left a little bit to be desired, but this week`s look more realistic. Two that I`m iffy about are the Cowpokes and Cards. I see both as being stronger than their opposition. Being a Hawks fan I hope you`re right about Jax. The Giants just don`t inspire me with their post-Plax capabilities.

ZZ said...

You are going to lose 5/6 games. I'm taking the opposites, except maybe the Ravens.

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