Sunday, September 13, 2009

Observations from NFL's week one Sunday afternoon action

A few thoughts from the 1:00 and 4:15 games as the Bears and Packers get set to kick off at Lambeau Field.

- The Jets were very impressive in Houston. The defense looked strong, bringing a lot of pressure, and Mark Sanchez looked very poised and did a lot of good things. I expected him to be terrible against the tough Texans' defense, but that wasn't the case.

Having said that, let's not get carried away. Perhaps Matt Schaub is showing us the quarterback he really is. The Jets blitzed a lot this week, but that strategy won't work next week against the Patriots. Tom Brady and Wes Welker will be begging for New York to blitz them all game.

- Jake Delhomme is just not a very good quarterback anymore and I'm not just saying that based on today's putrid performance. He was awful at times last year too, including their playoff loss where he threw five interceptions. Today he tossed up four (and fumbled once), but coach John Fox claims Delhomme is still the starter going forward.

- The Donovan McNabb injury could be a huge loss for the Eagles. Some sites are reporting that he'll be out 2-4 weeks with his broken rib. Sure they have Michael Vick, who is eligible to play after next week's game, but what if Vick comes back and is great? The Philadelphia fans already boo'ed McNabb in the preseason and chanted for Vick, so if Vick the Dogslayer actually plays well, the rabid Philly fans may not want to see him replaced.

Luckily for the Eagles' fans they may not have to worry since Vick looked pretty awful in his extended preseason action.

- Mario Manningham had a bit of a coming out party for the Giants today, but the real thing we learned was that the defense will be how New York wins. Their secondary looked a little shaky but they were also without some key pieces.

- Jason Campbell struggled mightily at the Meadowlands on Sunday and you could see that coach Jim Zorn didn't have a lot of confidence in him. I guess now we know why owner Dan Snyder tried to get Jay Cutler and/or Mark Sanchez in the offseason.

- I'm not sure where Frank Gore disappeared to. He had 22 carries for 30 yards, but it was a big win for the 49ers nonetheless, heading into the house of the defending NFC champions and getting a victory. Then again, who knows what the Cardinals will be like this year. They were pretty bad last year during the regular season also and then got hot at the right time. But the Niners won't complain after getting a division win on the road to start the season. Shaun Hill looked good and that was without Michael Crabtree.

- I'd like to know why anyone in their right mind would think Michael Turner should have been the number one pick in fantasy football drafts ahead of Adrian Peterson. Some, like ESPN's fantasy "expert" Matthew Berry, still think Turner was the right pick, but it's hard to argue how dynamic Peterson is.

- Drew Brees. Wow. That's really all I can say about this guy.

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