Thursday, September 3, 2009

Michael Vick will be eligible to play in Week 3

Commissioner Roger Goodell has ruled that Michael Vick will be allowed to play beginning in the third week of the 2009 regular season for the Eagles. Vick and Godell met for almost an hour Thursday morning to discuss the situation.

The league clearly wants Vick to succeed because it would be good publicity for them. Goodell even said today, "Hopefully we can have a success story here, which would be good for society in general." While it may be good for society, it is much better for the NFL.

The NFL has gone out of its way to make sure Michael Vick had a smooth transition back into the league. Since his return, there really hasn't been any public outrage or criticism, and the league is now basically doing the Eagles a favor. The signing of Vick was a risk when it looked like he would miss at least five games, but now he'll only miss two.

Somewhere Donte' Stallworth is very upset about all of this.

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