Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Details regarding the first patch for Madden 10

The first patch for Madden 10 will be released "as early as next week," according to EA Sports' Ian Cummings. The following is the detailed list of what will be included in this patch, from the Inside EA Blog.

- Added Super Bowl and Playoff Field conditions for Online Franchise
- Fixed False Start Grieving issues with Online games
- Fixed video player issue where video would hang on latent connections
- Improved uploaded highlight quality
- Switched ranked online games to 7 min Q's
- Fixed random stability issues
- Added Broadcast Cam!

Gameplay Specific fixes:
- Tuned slider effectiveness (Run blocking and broken tackles esp.)
- Changes run blocking slider to not effect special teams
- Made fatigue effect ratings more
- Fixed WR release to where receivers release to both sides
- Fixed incorrect spotting on punts out of bounds
- Reduced/removed holding on kicking plays
- Improved toe drag catch logic
- Improved pursuit angles for outside running plays
- Fixed defenders in pursuit running away from O-Line
- Better play recognition in man coverage
- Fixed double pass online exploit

The broadcast camera angle, which I touched on about a month ago, is a pretty exciting part of this update. It should be interesting to see how much differently the game plays when being looked at from the side view, something that hasn't been available in Madden in quite some time.

Reducing the number of holding penalties on kicking plays will also be well received by the Madden community. Having a holding call on a field goal attempt can spice it up from time to time but in this year's Madden it's almost an every kick occurrence.

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