Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Video: Mike Francesa furthers his reputation of being an arrogant jerk

Let me say this before I dive in: Mike Francesa might not really be an arrogant jerk. He certainly seems like it, though, and Francesa provided further evidence for that the other day when he received a call about a player he hadn't heard of and immediately assumed he was being pranked.

The guys at Tirico Suave bring us the video (and have an in-depth recap) of "Joe from Bristol" calling in to ask about the Yankees' newly acquired minor league pitcher Jason Hirsh. He's never heard of the guy (and I can't blame him, since almost no one has) but the way he goes about saying that is priceless, giving Joe the "you picked the wrong guy to mess with" attitude. Instead of just assuming Hirsh is some bum the Yanks grabbed off the scrap heap, he figures the wool is being pulled over his eyes. And we all know Big Mikey won't stand for that!

After Francesa has one of his minions do the incredibly hard task of typing "Jason Hirsh" into Google and realizes that he is, in fact, a real living pitcher, he corrects the error. He doesn't apologize, of course, because this is Mike Francesa, after all.

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