Sunday, August 2, 2009

Melvin Mora will not take being forced to sit down sitting down

Orioles manager Dave Trembley decided to bench third baseman Melvin Mora today, since he's batting only .256, in favor of Ty Wigginton. Trembley admitted that he's also playin Wigginton more lately because his contract extends beyond this year and Mora's doesn't, and it doesn't seem likely that Mora will return to Baltimore following this season.

Melvin Mora doesn't seem to be handling the benching very well.
"I don't appreciate the disrespect, because I've been playing hurt for a guy who won't respect you. I don't deserve it," the 37-year-old Mora said. "I need to have my respect. This is not a guy who just came to the Orioles. This is a guy who's been here for nine years."
"Don't give me the excuse that I cannot beat John Smoltz, that I cannot beat Josh Beckett or I cannot beat (Jon) Lester or I cannot beat Pedro Martinez or I cannot beat nobody here, because I've been here for nine years," he said. "I've been here for nine years and all those guys in the East, they know me. You don't make the All-Star team for nothing. You deserve respect."
Certainly veteran players deserve respect but baseball is very much a "What have you done for me lately?" sport. When you're not hitting and there is someone else on the team that plays the same position who is hitting, it's hard for a manager to justify running you out there every day.

Yes, Mora has been an Oriole for a long time, but it's not like this is Cal Ripken we're talking about, a guy that you would have to keep playing just because he's a legend. And it doesn't help when you've pretty much made it clear you'll be leaving Baltimore as soon as you possibly can.

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