Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Madden 10 bringing back the side camera view?

PastaPadre has news today that EA Sports is currently working on installing a broadcast camera view into Madden 10, similar to the old press box camera option, that would be available as either a post-release patch or downloadable content. Take a look at the work in progress video below and check out my thoughts after the clip.

As Pasta has pointed out, it would be beneficial if they panned the camera to avoid all of that empty space behind the quarterback. That would make it a little easier to pass since you could see more of the coverages and receivers. I'm sure that's been suggested by many and since this is a work in progress, it may be accounted for.

I just don't know how many people would use this mode for gameplay. For so many years the camera has been behind the offense and I think it would be very hard to adjust to not only the visual difference but the analog stick differences in movements. But it's always good to have options.

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