Sunday, August 2, 2009

Is Chris Jericho becoming the new Chuck Norris?

WWE wrestler, author, actor and musician Chris Jericho is burning up Twitter right now. He's re-tweeting all the examples people are coming up with about how he is better than Chuck Norris, playing off the internet sensation, Chuck Norris Facts. You can follow them at the hashtag #chrisjerichoisbetterthanchucknorris.

Some of the best ones are:
- @JustinP73: Only Chris Jericho can talk about fight club.
- @jumpinbombangel: Chris Jericho once beat a mountain in a staring contest.
- @tharealjaked: Chris Jericho doesn't do pushups, he pushes da Earth down!
- @Nani84: Can kill two stones with a bird.
- @djsaiyan: There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Chris Jericho lives in Florida.

The whole Chuck Norris thing is really played out, but I'll admit these are really funny. You can follow Chris Jericho on Twitter for more.

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