Friday, August 7, 2009

Dropping Links: Friday, August 7, 2009

Patriots acquire Pro Bowl DE Derrick Burgess from Raiders |CBS|
Yankees get first '09 win v. Sawx, extend East lead to 3.5 ||
Magic F Rashard Lewis suspended 10 games for failed drug test |FOX|
Michael Crabtree is doing a lot of pouting and whining ||
Both Fielder and Mota fined by MLB, neither suspended ||

The reveal of the NBA schedule is basically the Senior Prom |That NBA Lottery Pick|
Kurt Rambis asked Jax for advice on Minny job. Here's their convo. |Lake Show Life|
Michael Crabtree is living up to his diva reputation |Bootlegger Sports|
The new Cowboys stadium isn't as impressive as you would guess |Busted Coverage|
DaJuan Summers - porn star Twitter race controversy! |Detroit4lyfe|
The weekend MLB national TV schedule |Fang's Bites|
The ten funniest scenes from sports movies |No Guts, No Glory|
The Marlins' new stadium looks pretty sweet |The Scores Report|

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