Sunday, August 9, 2009

David Ortiz deserves the same treatment as all those before him

David Ortiz was thrown a gigantic lifeline yesterday by the MLB Players Association when they issued a statement prior to Big Papi's afternoon press conference in New York. The statement basically said that they can't confirm or deny anything and that the MLBPA could not reveal what each player tested positive for. That gave Ortiz a huge loophole to use.

Now, he could say it could have been anything, something from GNC, just like Alex Rodriguez said when he was revealed to be on the now-infamous list of 2003. But when A-Rod said it, everyone wanted more, everyone said he was lying, everyone said he was a jerk, a cheater, A-Fraud.

Somehow, though, David Ortiz is getting the benefit of the doubt, it seems. Part of the reason if because one of the most influential and prolific baseball personalities is Peter Gammons, who is a card-carrying member of Red Sox Nation.

When Barry Bonds said he didn't know what he was taking and that he never knowingly took steroids, no one believed him. We all said that was impossible, that a professional athlete would know exactly what they were putting into their bodies. Ortiz is saying the same thing, but for some reason everyone believes Papi.


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