Friday, August 7, 2009

Ben Wallace will return to the Detroit Pistons with one-year deal

Ben Wallace will sign a one-year deal to return to the Detroit Pistons, where he helped them win an NBA title in 2004. Wallace was traded to the Suns in the deal that brought Shaquille O'Neal to the Cavaliers, but agreed to a buyout to become a free agent.

Wallace left the Pistons after the 2005-2006 season to sign a big free agent contract with the Bulls. His Chicago career wasn't what everyone expected, which led to his being traded to Cleveland during the '07-'08 season.

The Pistons needed frontcourt help after losing Rasheed Wallace to the Celtics this offseason. The deal is reportedly for the veteran's minimum of $1.3 million.

Is Wallace the same player he was in 2004? No. In fact, he's not even the same player he was a few years ago thanks to injuries. But he can still help defensively.

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