Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Video: Omar Minaya calls out Adam Rubin at Tony Bernazard press conference

Took me a few days to find a video of this, but here it is in case you somehow haven't seen it or you just want to watch it all again. Omar Minaya called out Adam Rubin of The Daily News, accusing him of tearing down Tony Bernazard so that he could take Bernazard's position.

Minaya has since apparently apologized to Mets' ownership, I'm not sure if he's apologized to Rubin, but either way it is extremely unprofessional for him to call out a writer at a press conference. If Rubin "lobbied" for a job with the Mets, then that is a bit of a foul on a journalist, but he still should have addressed the issue with Rubin behind closed doors. Rubin, though, has denied those claims and Mets ownership has corroborated with Rubin, saying they were more like friendly inquisitive chats about how one would go about getting in the business.

Minaya clearly was upset that he had to fire his buddy Tony Bernazard and basically was saying to Rubin, "If you hadn't opened your big mouth about these incidents, I wouldn't have had to do this."

Is this the beginning of the end for Omar Minaya? My gut says yes.

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