Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The top sports personalities you should be following on Twitter

Twitter gets a bad rap. Half the people that say Twitter is stupid don't even know what it is. Look at it this way: It's like a Facebook status update, a message limited to 140 characters, but one that's a great way to share links and break news. That's what makes Twitter so great, not that we can finally know when so-and-so is making soup or going to bed, but we can share information. That is, after all, the whole reason the internet was created.

There are so many great Twitter applications for the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones that Twitter has become a great way to check up on the latest happenings while you're out and about.

With that in mind, I've come up with this list of sports personalities you should be following on Twitter, especially if you're a diehard sports nut who hates being the second to find out a breaking story.

Mainstream Media
@SI_JonHeyman - You've probably read Jon Heyman's stories on If you haven't, you've probably heard him on WFAN or seen him on SNY or the MLB Network. He's spot on with his MLB coverage.
@KBerg_CBS - Ken Berger is CBS's head NBA writer. He is the first to know pretty much every story that comes down the pipe and dishes out a rumor or two on his Twitter page.
@RicBucher - The ESPN NBA reporter hardly ever misses an NBA story, especially those in the western part of the country.
@BobGlauber - He is Newsday's lead NFL reporter and is also commonly featured on ESPN's "First Take." He's also a friend of the blog.
@jaysonst - Jayson Stark will keep you abreast of all the MLB happenings.
@darrenrovell1 - CNBC's Darren Rovell keeps tabs on all the latest sports happenings with a business and financial slant.
@AroundTheHorn - The official page of Around the Horn host Tony Reali. He often asks his followers for suggestions for the show.
@TheRealTMR - ESPN's Matthew Berry. All fantasy players should be following him for the latest updates.

@THE_REAL_SHAQ - It's Shaq, which should be a fine enough description.
@cv31 - Charlie Villanueva was tweeting during games way before Chad Ochocinco threatened to.
@OGOchoCinco - Speak of the devil, it's Chad Ochocinco's Twitter page.
@lancearmstrong - Kind of interesting stuff lately regarding Lance and Alberto Contador.

@tonyblogs - I have to include myself, I mean, come on.
@fangsbites - The Twitter page of Fang's Bites, perhaps the best sports media blog going today.
@bobsblitz - The official Twitter of Bob Mantz, the writer of Bob's Blitz. He's always got something on the page to make you chuckle.
@EthanJaynes - Ethan has a bunch of great blogs but sports fans should certainly check out NESW for all their video viewing pleasure.
@BlkSportsOnline - Robert Littal is the author of Black Sports Online and he also writes for various other outlets. Great stuff here and on his Twitter page.
@ITIScott - You probably shouldn't call yourself an Iggles fan if you aren't following Scott.
@adamcbest - Adam Best is the co-founder and Senior Editor of
@Paneech1472 - Paneech has some great sports insight and tosses in the occasional wrestling tidbit.
@Detroit4lyfe - Bob Biscigliano will give you all the best sports news and views, especially those regarding the great sports teams of Detroit.
@NQTC - Stormin' Norman of the blog Not Qualified to Comment shines a bright light on all things Chicago sports.
@cuzoogle - The Twitter page of Cuzoogle, where Toronto Raptors merge with real life!
@ThatNBAPick - The official page for the website That NBA Lottery Pick.
@OutsideBoxScore - Outside the Box Score, another great blog.
@JustBlogBaby - If you're an Oakland Raiders fan, this is a must follow.
@A_E_M - A great one to follow if you're a fan of the UNC Tar Heels.
@SteelyDaniel - Twitter page of InGameNow.
@mysportsrumors - Paul at My Sports Rumors will keep you up to date with all the latest trade rumors and player speculation.
@DCScrap - Doug from also runs On205th, a great blog.
@sportsbloggers - Sportsbloggers finds the best sports postings and compiles them all in one place, retweeting them for your delight.
@sharapovasthigh - If you don't already have the blog Sharapova's Thigh bookmarked, the least you can do is check out their Twitter page.

I'm sure I've left out some clutch people to be following on Twitter, so be sure to add them in the comments section.

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