Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Redskins really don't want Jason Campbell to be their quarterback

First the team's owner Daniel Snyder was trying his hardest to bring Jay Cutler to our nation's capital, a sweepstakes that was eventually won by the Chicago Bears. Then Washington tried to make a play for Mark Sanchez at the NFL Draft, but the Jets won that contest.

Now internet reports are running rampant that Snyder and the 'Skins want to bring Michael Vick into the fold.

You've got to feel bad for Jason Campbell at this point. Sure, Jay Cutler would have been an upgrade over Campbell under center, but would Mark Sanchez or Michael Vick? Campbell is basically a poor man's Vick, a lesser runner but better overall QB.

The question is, would Vick really make the Redskins that much better? Perhaps, but they would still need Campbell to start for up to six games. Maybe this would be a move geared more towards next year.

Poor Jason Campbell. He and Tarvaris Jackson have a lot in common right now.

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