Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Phillies about to acquire Cliff Lee from the Indians?

After weeks of trying to land Roy Halladay from the Blue Jays, the Phillies have reportedly turned their sights to former Cy Young winner Cliff Lee. Those rumors heated up even more when three Indians scouts were in Lehigh Valley - the home of the Phillies' Triple A club - to watch an 11am game this morning.

Carlos Carrasco was scratched from his start in that game without an explanation from the club. He has been rumored to be included in a potential deal for Lee. His surprise scratch could mean a deal is about to go down.

The Phillies could trade for Lee without giving up any of the coveted prospects Jays GM JP Ricciardi has been seeking in exchange for Halladay. Toronto has asked for Kyle Drabek, Philadelphia's top young arm, and JA Happ, another young pitcher who has performed well in the Major Leagues this year.

Lee seems like a good enough alternative to Roy Halladay for the Phils, but certainly isn't worth giving away the farm to get. Aside from his Cy Young performance last year, Lee's career is one full of ineptitude and mediocrity. He would help push an already good team like the Phillies over the edge, though, in their pursuit of a second straight World Series title.

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