Monday, July 27, 2009

Omar Minaya and Adam Rubin of The Daily News get into it at Bernazard press conference

The New York Mets fired Tony Bernazard today amid an investigation into reports of him ripping his shirt off and challenging Binghamton Mets players to a clubhouse fight and a confrontation with Francisco Rodriguez.

This is just the latest embarrassing development in a shameful season for the New York Metropolitans. To make matters worse, Omar Minaya got into it with Adam Rubin of The Daily News during today's press conference.

Minaya basically tried to say that Rubin had lobbied for Bernazard to get fired by revealing many of the details about the actions of Bernazard because Rubin wanted Bernazard's job. Rubin, who was at the press conference, immediately challenged Minaya, calling his accusation "despicable."

For Minaya to imply that these things didn't need to be revealed is ludicrous. Whether Rubin likes Bernazard or not has nothing to do with the fact that Bernazard was wrong and definitely has an attitude problem. But Bernazard was Minaya's "guy," and to fire him makes Minaya look bad. He chose to take it out on a reporter, in a room full of press, which is ridiculous of Minaya to do.

Omar Minaya was basically trying to say that he wouldn't have had to fire his buddy if Adam Rubin hadn't opened his big mouth, which is almost as pathetic as the Mets have become this season. The two really are a match made in heaven.

Adam Rubin, speaking on SNY's "Daily News Live!" said he may not continue on the Mets beat.

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