Monday, July 27, 2009

NFL made the right move in reinstating Michael Vick

Michael Vick was reinstated by the NFL today, with the league ruling he can immediately participate in all preseason activities should he find a club willing to sign him. He will be allowed to play in the final two preseason games and could be allowed to play in the regular season "no later than Week 6."

The Vick situation has been one of the more polarizing debates in recent memory, but here is my stance: The NFL is doing the right thing by reinstating Vick.

I'm not big on the "he deserves the right to make a living argument" because the NFL is not the only place that would employ him. Vick could simply get a regular job like all of us Average Joe's out in the real world. Having said that, there are plenty of guys playing in the NFL, earning millions of dollars, who we wouldn't consider "stand up guys."

Sure, what Michael Vick did was a terrible crime, but who are we to try to determine which is worse between running a dogfighting kennel and the many other wrongs that have been committed by NFL players? Many feel Ray Lewis got away with murder and he was quickly back in the good graces of the league and doing commercials. Leonard Little was convicted of manslaughter in a drunk driving "accident" and has several DWI's and his record and only got an 8-game suspension.

What I'm saying is that it's unreasonable to try to justify one heinous crime over another. Besides that, Vick served the time that the federal court system saw fit, lost millions of dollars in the process and certainly won't be treated like a mere mortal for the rest of his career. He will deal with the taunting that certainly will come if he does play again. He will do his part, or at least he has promised, to be an example to those who might go down the darkened path.

And let's face it, America loves a comeback story.

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