Monday, July 27, 2009

Nets and Celtics considering swap involving "Big Baby" Davis?

That's the hot rumor around the interwebs this afternoon. Paul Raymond of My Sports Rumors says that plenty of Bostonians are gossiping about a possible deal that would send Glen "Big Baby" Davis to the Nets in exchange for Yi Jianlian.

While that deal is incredibly one-sided in the Nets' favor, it makes sense for Boston since they don't really need an inside banger with Rasheed Wallace joining the fray. While 'Sheed can step out and hit the three, the Celtics wouldn't mind adding another big who could shoot. Plus they don't want to lose Davis and get nothing in return, which is what they fear could happen if New Jersey offers him a deal Boston can't match.

"Big Baby" makes plenty of sense for the rebuilding Nets. He's young and could be a tough post presence to add with Brook Lopez. Davis made a big splash in the postseason and certainly improved his value.

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