Thursday, July 30, 2009

Mets GM Omar Minaya apologizes to Daily News writer Adam Rubin

Omar Minaya apologized to Daily News writer Adam Rubin in a private meeting between the two on Wednesday. In case you missed it, Minaya called out Rubin during the Tony Bernazard firing press conference. On Thursday, Minaya apologized to Mets fans and ownership for the public disturbance he caused during Monday's presser.
"I let the emotions get to me on that day," Minaya said. "I felt really bad - I still feel really bad what I said that day and Adam Rubin being in the room. You guys know me - that's just not the way Omar Minaya is. I made a mistake.

"I should've talked to Adam separately and I did not do that. I take full responsibility for that.

Several times during the nearly 12-minute session, Minaya seemed to stop short of absolving Rubin of angling for a job, even when asked directly. Finally, however, Minaya said, "I said my thoughts, what they were. For me to think those things, those thoughts were wrong."
Adam Rubin accepted Omar Minaya's apology, saying in a statement released by the paper, "I appreciated Omar traveling into Manhattan on Wednesday to meet with me in person. His remorse was sincere. I've accepted his apology and I am ready to continue my job as Mets beat writer for the Daily News."

Obviously Minaya had to apologize but it was only after Mets owner Fred Wilpon said that Minaya's was "this close" to being out of baseball following the fiasco. I still think the end is near for the Mets GM.

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