Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dropping Links: Wednesday, July 29th

A special Happy Birthday to my mother on this Wednesday, July 29th!

Phillies, unsure of Halladay deal, talking with Tribe about Lee ||
Buehrle sets MLB record with 45 consecutive batters retired |CBS|
Chien-Ming Wang will have season-ending shoulder surgery |Associated Press|
Michael Phelps loses first race in 4 years, blames it on other guy's suit |FOX|
Big Unit out at least three more weeks with shoulder tear ||

The Ron Artest rap tour has hit China |That NBA Lottery Pick|
Remembering the late Jim Johnson |Inside the Iggles|
The 10 best defensive plays of 2009 (so far) |Big League Stew|
Brett Favre to capture media attention in retirement |Bootlegger Sports|
Twitter controversy regarding MLB's trade deadline |Fang's Bites|
A look at Michael Vick's prison haikus |Holy Taco|
A live perspective of "Raw is Shaq" |Ring Posts|
The biggest thing between Vick and a return to the NFL? The media. |Shutdown Corner|

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