Friday, July 3, 2009

Dropping Links: Friday, July 3rd

You can listen to the podcast of my guest spot discussing MLB on Real Sports Talk with Kenrick Thomas from Thursday night at this link.

Derrek Lee leads Cubs to victory over Brewers with 7 RBI ||
Venus and Serena Williams will meet again in Wimbledon Final |CBS|
Astros beat Padres amid attack of the killer bees |FOX|
Ben Gordon says the Bulls never even made him an offer ||

Ricky Rubio will reportedly stay in Spain for two more years |Ball Don't Lie|
Gordon will be a Piston, but will Iverson be a Bull in sign-and-trade? |BergerSphere|
People are making a big deal out of A-Rod's 13-year-old nephew |Big League Stew|
An early look at the 2010 NBA Championship odds for each team |Bootlegger Sports|
Fourth of July weekend baseball broadcasting schedule |Fang's Bites|
A really good Trace Gallagher/Moose Johnston lookalike |Hugging Harold Reynolds|
Stephen Colbert wonders if it's time for Americans to care about soccer |NESW Sports|
Five athletes that should never act in a movie again |No Guts, No Glory|
What some sibling athletes will be asking for this Christmas ||
Which is worse, underachieving teams or bad management? |Sharapova's Thigh|
Darren Rovell does not want Lance Armstrong in this year's Tour de France |Sports Biz|
The five most intriguing potential MLB trading chips |The Scores Report|
Calvin Pace of the Jets suspended for PEDs, uses "GNC Excuse" |What About Bob?|

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