Thursday, June 25, 2009

NBA Draft Buzz: Amare to the Warriors, Vince to the Magic?

Here's some of the latest draft day gossip floating around the world wide web:

- Adrian Wojnarowski reports that league sources are saying that the Suns and Warriors have discussed a deal that would send Amare Stoudemire to Golden State. The Suns would receive Andris Biedrins and tonight's 7th overall pick in the trade, although Golden State head coach Don Nelson is saying that the talks aren't serious yet.

- The Nets and Magic are in serious discussions, however, about a trade of Vince Carter to Orlando for Rafer Alston, Tony Battie and Courtney Lee. Sources are saying the deal could be completed at some point today.

If it goes down, this trade would be a big one for the Magic. Carter may not be what he once was, but he would be a nice piece to add to Jameer Nelson, Rashard Lewis and Dwight Howard. Orlando doesn't have room for Alston anyway, so losing him isn't quite as painful.

For the Nets, it would be a pure salary dump and would help create cap room for the team to make a run at one (or more) of the many free agents who could be available in the summer of 2010. In the short term, it would allow Devin Harris to move back to a more natural shooting guard position.

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